Turnip’s Catcher’s Shack

Turnip’s Catcher’s Shack

It’s official, Turnip produced my favourite FLF item this week , but that’s not difficult because Turnip always creates amazing objects and builds.  This one is an absolute stormer too…If you own any bunnies then YOU MUST GET THIS!!

It’s a 61 prim shack and it is just divine; the textures are of course absolutely stunning and you could do so much with this, it would make a great shabby chic dwelling actually.

There’s also a long dry grass field to purchase too, it’s an essential accompaniement and will come in very handy in the Autumn. In fact, this whole ensemble would be just the ticket around harvest time..

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2 thoughts on “Turnip’s Catcher’s Shack

  1. Hi Prok!

    Well it was indeed a FLF item, BUT Turnip often retails them again as part of other FLF offers, or she sells them as bog standard items in her store.
    to be honest I’d ping her about it and see if she’s willing to flog you one..I’m sure she’ll oblige.

    Best of luck!



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