The Bunny Amore Gift Box from Blessed Bunnies

The Bunny Amore Gift Box from Blessed Bunnies

Bunny bonding can drive you insane..seriously!

Since I got into this Ozimals bunny malarkey I’ve realised that producing nests isn’t as straightforward as you may think it’s all well and good saying that they’re at 100% love but surely it’s not that clinical? Don’t bunnies need something to get into the mood?

Well, I think I have the answer. Y’see there’s a tried and tested formula for amour and it would appear that it works on a variety of species..bunnies included. What is this spell of which I speak?

It’s the Blessed Bunnies Bunny Amore Kit..featuring EVERYTHING your bunnies need to get nto the mood for some serious bunny bonding. And bonking.

You get:

A bottle of quality bunny wine- a corking vintage I’ll have you know!
A red rose for the lady bunny..she can sniff it/snack on it as is her want.
A carrot, in case the bunnies get peckish mid-coitus. Or in case they’re kinky..
A candle for romantic mood lighting. Again can be used for kinky bunny shenanigans..look out for suspicious burn marks the morning after!
Belgian chocolates, as recommended by ‘Swiss Tony’

And last but NOT least…

Albums by Mr Love himself..Barry White!!

How many babies have been conceived to the tunes of Barry White I wonder? Enough to populate a small South American country I’m sure! The man was, and remains, an utter musical legend. He created some of the most classic sounds of the 1970’s and 1980’s, crafting melodic pop perfection with the most seductive voice in the galaxy. Some of his songs were beyond seductive; downright erotic in fact, and others just so happy and loving that there is a Barry White song for absolutely everyone.

Including your bunnies. Believe it or not bunnies LOVE the soul and funk, and Barry oozes it out of every sweaty pore. They especially like ‘Let The Music Play’, ‘My First, My Last, My Everything’ and the amazing, best-intro in the world EVER ‘ I’m Gonna Love You Just A Little More Baby’

So if the nests are slow to arrive, give this a shot.

Better still, it’s totally free as a token of my esteem to the Ozimals bunny community, and you can get one for yourself at my NEW STORE!

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