Pixel Dolls Make Kitty Flutter!

Pixel Dolls Make Kitty Flutter!

PIXEL DOLLS  is one of those brands/stores that are synonymous with quality Second Life fashion.

It feels like they’ve been around forever; happy to be away from the spotlight yet still remaining at the very heart of virtual fashion.
They’ve just released a series of rather lovely tops, retailing at just L$99 each. They’re called ‘Flutter tops’, I guess owing to the gorgeous lacy sleeves, and they have unusual cut-away shaping on the shoulder area. Because of the cutaway shape of the sleeve there are some minor edging issues, but they don’t actually detract from the overall quality of the top. It’s beautifully colored, shaded and creased which is just what you’d expect from Pixel Dolls, and as you can see it’s easy to dress down or dress up as you wish. Versatile and rather lovely.

Pixel Dolls Flutter Sleeve top in ‘Cammo’ (Raspberry) L$99
Each package includes all layer options plus flexy prim sleeves.

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