Bunny Mondays…BLIMEY!

Bunny Mondays…BLIMEY!

So, it all started with two. Just two bunnies..and now I have…75!!!

I NEVER imagined I would accumulate or breed so many of these virtual pets, or pests depending upon the mood that I’m in. They are tons of fun though, but if i thought by getting into the bunny business I’d be avoiding the drama that the virtual fashionista circle cultivates then I was very, very wrong. Believe it or not, bunny drama is a million times worse, more frequent and ten times more annoying, so if you’re a drama-whore you’d better get some bunnies quick!
So what news from Kitty’s neck of the bunny woods? Well, a few great things. The Blessed Bunnies mainstore is doing well, and Blessed Bunny Dreams Auction House, although slow to start, is establishing a regular and enthusiastic crowd. I’m pleased to say that in three auctions, featuring a total of 32 bunnies/nests thus far I’ve only failed to sell…TWO.

Each item that I have sold has gone for asking price, and in some cases much higher, so I’m chuffed with that, and I’ve had fabulous feedback too! If you’re interested in selling your bunnies/nests at our auction feel free to drop me an IM. (Obviously I’m breeding bunnies and cultivating LOTS of great nests, including new shades, and it’s difficult to part with them-but needs must so if you’re at all inclined please message me or visit my store to see what offers there are currently available..)
I have quite a few retired shades and I tend to specialise in gem eyes. I’ll be adding some more stock later as it appears the hoppers have been at it all weekend..ahem!
Finally, Xstreet is now featuring the link to the new marketplace on it’s front page, and I’m delighted to say that my hutches look rather fabbo via the new page display! I still have some furniture to add actually, I’ll let you know when that’s done via this blog.  I can’t believe how hopping mad these bunnies have made me…god knows what will happen when the horses finally appear!! Must..resist…

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