Will the horses beat the bunnies?

Well, here it is folks, the day a LOT of people have been waiting for, the release of the Amaretto Breedable Horses,  and avatars are here  in droves.

Any minute now the Amaretto Horses will be unleashed upon the grid..and it’s definitely having an impact upon the bunnies, whether we like it or not. A female avatar, who shall remain nameless, has just said in earshot of me that she has disposed of all her bunnies ( “I sold 99%, bunny-buried the rest, I have 17000 points now”) When questioned further she said she’d had enough of the shit, presumably she means recent multiple update scenarios.  From my research I can alas confirm that she isn’t the only one to feel that way, many people have tired of the updates and feel that Ozimals haven’t accommodated the bunny market in an appropriate manner.  Ozimals are addressing issues however; but is it too little too late?

Only time will tell I guess, but for now everyone’s focus remains fixed upon Equine pursuits.

As I stand here waiting for the release of the horses there are a LOT of impatient avatars around me for sure…
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