And then there were…DOGGIES!

And then there were…DOGGIES!

Beagles and Huskies to be precise.

Amaretto have teamed up with Blood Mubble who was developing ‘Hypermutts’, and just opened up a new location featuring models of their two launch breeds in various poses to enable closer inspection.
I was blind-sided by these dogs; I thought we were going to have to wait a while longer, but an Amaretto announcement landed in my lap and I had to go and investigate.



First impressions are good too; these dogs are, just like Wildwood Cats, beautifully textured and the poses on display in the showroom are totally doggy perfect as I hope my photos illustrate. I  love the scratching pose, and the Beagles with their tongues lolling out have captured that slightly crazy look perfectly. My only criticism is reserved for the eyes on both breeds; they don’t look ‘alive’ enough for me and are a bit on the beady side. If they can be improved, and I’m pretty sure a lot of things will be set to change prior to launch (as is the nature of these breedable beasts) then I’ll definitely be interested.



I can’t tell you if you can cross-breed Beagles and Huskies and I don’t know when these will be released for sale but they’re certainly a very exciting addition to the grid.  Make no bones about it (Ho ho!) breedable fever has definitely taken over the metaverse, and 2011 promises to be a VERY exciting year.




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