Krazy Kitties Launch In Second Life

Krazy Kitties Launch In Second Life

It’s been a rocky road for Krazy Kitty’s, but I’m pleased to say that they’ve finally ended public beta and are preparing for imminent release. ( UPDATE!!! JUST RELEASED!!!) Whilst not the most attractive cat on the grid, they have a unique quirkiness to them that has lots of appeal, I mean, the cats actually BONK folks! Add to that one of the nicest support teams on the grid, who have worked tirelessly to launch a somewhat beleaguered product and you have a resilient wee breedable that has the potential to offer a lot of competition to its peers.

I think it says a hell of a lot about a production team when they take the time to not only fully acknowledge the input gained from their beta testers, but to reward them also. To that end Krazy Kitties are being exceptionally generous; All Beta Testers will receive FREE 1 Krazy Kitty Breeder Pack containing – 5 Level 1 males, 5 Level 1 females, 20 Large Milks in Auto Dispensers, 10 Katnips in auto dispensers, 2 Beds, 1 toy and 5 Medical Kits. In addition they will also receive a pair of 5 day old Kittys, therefore making the Betas ahead in the game.(Kitty Pairs will be sold for L$200, although aged Kittys will never be available to the public)

The company has also stated that they will only be selling Level 1 Kittys for the foreseeable future, meaning any Kitty other than Level 1 can only be purchased from a breeder, Again, this means that Beta testers are at an advantage as they should always be amongst the first to reach the new levels and breeds, seeing as they have been gifted with a headstart.

Believe it or not, prior to the close of beta there were, get ready 7000 kittys on the grid with very few reported issues. This proves a continual learning curve ( after problems following Beta launch) and also it proves that these spiky haired, crayola-coloured cats have indeed garnered a huge following already. Will the growth be sustained when Wildwood’s launch? Krazy Kitty’s seem to think so, believing that they have successfully designed their product to have the widest appeal possible, with an emphasis on simplicity and focus on new breeds being added in due course.

So, as an ardent Kitty lover will I be pursuing an interest in Krazy Kitty’s?  As much as I think they are endearing, and loved their animations, my heart has been taken by Wildwood. I’ve fallen hook, line and sinker for those cats, and am already dreading December 1st, when Beta 2 comes to an end.

That said, I would like to wish the Krazy Kitties production team of Big Cake, Ziggy21 Slade, Twstd Ruggles and Abu Ashby smooth sailing with this exciting addition to the Second Life grid. It’s a huge achievement launching your product into the virtual world, and I can only wish them success.

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