Kitty The Wanna-Be ‘SLuicide’ Gurrrl!

Kitty The Wanna-Be ‘SLuicide’ Gurrrl!

There’s an unbelievably fapworthy new blog on the Second Life block that you MUST check it out, because it looks like it has the potential to be the metaverse blog of 2011..even though it isn’t the New Year yet!
It’s called ‘SLuicideGirls’ and features contributions by the alter-egos of some of Second Life’s most esteemed glitterati from the worlds of content creation, blogging and SLelebrity.
The girls are all gorgeous, bursting with feisty attitude and the blog features an especially sexy montage shot showcasing the, erm, talents of all the contributors in a special SL take on ‘Suicide Girl’ culture.
Alas, I’m NOT a SLuicide Girl<sob> BUT thanks to Exposeur poses and Elymode I can at least pretend, with an excellent free pose set from the former and a rather natty underwear set from the latter that I am using to rock out in this festive shot..fnarr fnarr…
I think the blog is off to a sparkling start with great photography as well as some really sassy writing and best of all there are LOADS of boobies on display. (It’s Christmas, we need boobies!)
Go and give the girls your, erm, support by visiting :
Oh, and lock the door because we all know that there is nothing worse than being rumbled mid-fap.

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