TONIGHT @ The Temple Of Kittywood..

TONIGHT @ The Temple Of Kittywood..

… the FIRST Kittywood Auction will be take place TODAY at 3PM SLT.(That’s 11pm GMT) and it’s going to be a totally fantastic event.

We’re going to be selling a fantastic selection of Wildwood Cats including a cream female with curl ears and fluffy tail, a blue female with round lilac eyes and fold ears, a totally gorgeous sleek blue boy with gold eyes as well as a stunning female with a solid blue coat in cloak shade which makes her look black! Not only that she has curl ears and amber eys, so as you can imagine she needs to be seen to be believed!

BUT best of all; we have the FIRST IN-BRED WILDWOOD CAT FOR SALE!! Yup, the in-breds are super rare and collectible!

Not only that, the stats are fantastic as you can see:

Pelt: Solid – Black
Eyes: Round – Forest
Ears: Inbred – Common/Curl
Tail: Common
Shade: Cloak

At the time of writing we have podiums left as well; they cost just L$25 each and you can place a combo of two lives, two baskets or one live one basket per podium so it’s great value for money AND breeder food is already provided!

Why are you waiting?

You’ve gotta be in it to win come along to Kittywood Auctions (…15/229/30) pick a podium, pay your fee and send your completed auction notecard in to me, Kitty O’Toole, and let’s all get ourselves some cat happy!

Remember the fun starts at 3pm SLT, so bring your friends and bring your Linden dollars!

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