Kittycats Beta Going Strong!

Yeah, I know I’d said I’d post about another hunt but I want to  let you all know that the Kittycats beta is progressing very nicely indeed, in fact they’ve made some fabulous changes recently  in response to feedback making Kittycats even more desirable to the Second Life ailurophile…

Here’s a shot of me with an array of cardboard boxes containing kittens!! ( I look so miserable on this picture, my apologies it was one of those days.  Yes, we have them in the virtual world as well!) Now, before you accuse me of being cruel, these boxes are what the kittys are birthed from, instead of baskets which are just sooo last year now dahling (chuckle), and the birthing process is actually a lot more fun than just sitting around and waiting for your cats to hatch, as it were:)

It takes thirty minutes to birth your kitten, and while you are waiting the messages above the boxes change at frequent intervals. I am not going to spoil the experience by telling you what they are, but they’re very sweet!   Not only that, the boxes shudder and shake as they approach birthing so it feels like there really is a desperate kitten waiting to appear. You can even hear tiny little kitty mews! Squeeee!!!

I’ve said before that the animations on these little critters are awesome, and I haven’t changed my mind. They have quite a few different sleeping animations now; they chase butterflies, wash themselves, run and scamper in a very appealling fashion. In fact, my only gripe, as mentioned previously, is the walk. It doesn’t look as fluid when compared to the other animations so I hope the team are looking at ways to improve it. All in all that is a minor grumble when compared to the sum of all parts, and I firmly believe that the Kittycats are going to be an essential purchase for breedable collectors all over the grid.

And besides, from one mad cat lady to another, you can never have too many cats…

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