Kitty Quicky- Following on from my last post…

I‘ve just been informed by a reader that CURIO and LAQ are next to each other at Skin Fair:) ( My two faves- yay!)

Curio features the following skins in it’s booth: Jasmine, Sweetheart, Yum II and Pout. Apparently there are bloody fabulous…grr. This does NOT lessen my pain.

There’s also a freebie of glossy pouty lip over-lays in store too!  Wee!

LAQ  features a new skin called Susan for the ladies, and apparently a swoonsome male skin called ‘Emmett’.  Of course skin fair is FULL of fabulousness this year so go along and enjoy and support the skin makers of Second Life, because they’re more than worth it. We’d be rubbish without them!

Here’s your taxi!

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