Fifty Linden Friday- They call me ‘The Wanderer’

Fifty Linden Friday- They call me ‘The Wanderer’

Friday soon comes around doesn’t it?

As always I poddle on over to The Rumor blog and see what they’ve listed and decide what I am going to go and check out in more detail. There are only a few items that caught my eye this week; a lovely stone gazebo from Cheeky Pea (Didn’t get it, purely because I don’t have enough prims but I do suggest that you go and check it out) and a fabulous jewellery set from League that I scraped my Lindens together for because I just had to have it.

And here it is..rather resplendent don’t you think? It’s called ‘Wanderer’ and has an ethnic vibe. It’s a combination of wooden-textured beading and initially what I thought to be Chinese coins, but I think they’re just symbolic devices used to give the piece a bit of oomph. It’s fabulous, and not only that it comes with a vast array of mix and match options so you can elect to have as many, or as little ‘coins’ on your necklace or bracelet as you wish. You can also select from a variety of different strand options. The set includes earrings which I am wearing BUT you can’t see them because of my hair.

This is indeed a bit of a ‘wanderin’ star’  (Oho- see what I did there?)  A very special set indeed, wonderful value  and easy to dress up or down. Well worth your fifty lindens don’t you think?

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