Mike’s Back..and he’s on a MISSION!

Mike’s Back..and he’s on a MISSION!

Mike Mission is a GOD. Seriously. Way back in the mists of time Mike was a regular DJ at the ‘Best pub in Second Life that ever was’ aka ‘The Three Lions’ ( I miss that place so much. I should blog about it again soon because I need to every so often, it meant that much to me) and he played the final gig there when it closed <Sob>
He’s a great DJ, with terrific banter and most importantly fantastic taste in music. He always played an eclectic set, made all the better for his epic skill at getting totally plastered as the night wore on. Yes, he passed out mid set once. It was legendary.

In fact..he *IS* a legend; he’s MIKE MISSION!

So you really shouldn’t miss this:

He’s back in-world on Friday 11th March playing at The Coach & Horses Bar in Mayfair on the London Sims.

Set is going to start at 1.30pm SLT so I’m told, but he may well start earlier knowing Mike so be sure to get to the pub and secure your spot.

Note: Mike is best enjoyed at room temperature with your beverage of choice in real life accompanying your keyboard manoeuvres. The night always gets better as Mike slowly gets inebriated ( Note: I hope he’s not gone tee-total on me, I plan on getting some serious wine drinking done during his set!)


2 thoughts on “Mike’s Back..and he’s on a MISSION!

  1. Thanks for posting about Mike’s set Kitty. Hoping many of your readers who remember 3 lions (and others who read blog) will stop by. Be great to catch up with some 3 lioners and of course hear the awesome Mr Mission DJ again.

    BTW..I just found out, we (coach and horses) will be raffling off a special gift certificate during Mike’s set for a stay on the SS Galaxy. 🙂

    I am glad that Mike is coming to Coach And Horses Pub for a special guest DJ spot. Get there early and stay late 🙂


  2. Thanks for that Lisa, very funny and I have to admit true. I used to rush home after a long week and drink cheap white wine from a carton while I did my Friday night set and yes I had been known to “fall asleep” on air at least once.

    Tomorrow’s set is going to be a mix of the old standards and of course some new stuff. I’ve been keeping the company of some musical thouroughbreds lately so I’m sure their influences will be apparent.

    As you will know I have been away from SL for a few years now and it’s thanks to Mia Deluce that I will be coming out of retirement to do this gig and I’m looking forward to it enormously.

    See you tomorrow night folks,

    Mike Mission


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