Don’t Give Up, Japan

Don’t Give Up, Japan

The ‘Independent On Sunday’ featured this simple but evocative message to Japan on its cover today, and I just wanted to take the time out and say what I know most of us are feeling: complete and utter shock and horror at the tragedy that has hit the Pacific.

No words can fully express how seeing the TV pictures this weekend has made me feel, and we’ve not even seen the half of it yet.  Of course, I’m aware that Japan is a financially wealthy nation, but that doesn’t mean that monetary support isn’t required. Organisations such as Save The Children and The Red Cross are already active as are many more, but this will of course not be an overnight fix. It could take ten years at least to repair the damage; but generations for the emotional impact to be fully realised. Japan will never be the same.

As most avatars active in Second Life know, there is a HUGE Japanese community in-world, adding their amazing creative talents to our metaverse.  I am also sure that like previous disasters have proven there will be LOTS of fundraising done in Second Life, and rightly so.

If you are planning an event/sale or selling an item then PLEASE let me know and I will be happy to publicise it upon these pages.  The marketplace is already selling special edition Linden Bears..go get yours now!

I also send a plea out to the larger creative community in world; we owe so much in our virtual lives to the influence of Japanese and Asian content creators, that I implore you to consider giving something back.  Make an item and donate the proceeds to the cause.

I’m especially keen to see the breedable community respond to this call to arms; we all know the good that came out of the Amaretto Breast Cancer Horse sale ($64000 was raised!)so  let’s see that kind of action again.

If you’re a virtual animal breeder, ask your breedable company, whoever they are, to consider releasing a special edition to raise funds for the Tsunami relief. Post on message boards and forums and make your voices heard! Cats, horses, dogs, clams…whatever.

Every donation counts, let’s not let our Japanese brothers and sisters down.

We’re with you Japan, we’re with you Tohoku.

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