A Red-Headed Thank You!

A Red-Headed Thank You!

I’ve had a rent reprieve; not only that a dear friend has blessed me with some Lindens and for that I am eternally grateful, so thank you dear heart.  It was completely unexpected, as you can imagine.  Logging in-world and seeing a beyond-healthy Linden balance made me blub.  Plus someone who wished to remain anonymous contacted my landlord and paid a serious amount of rent for me; this means not only do I continue to  have my lovely roof over my head, it also means that I can blog about some new items and share them with you on these pages. ( The lack of posts of recent times has been due to my being very depressed in real life. As regular readers are aware by now, I’m Bi-polar and unfortunately it’s had me by the short and curlies in recent weeks. Fortunately I’m starting to see a glimmer of light on the horizon, so normal service is going to be resumed post haste!) But back to the generous gift that was bestowed upon me.  My landlord, Nathan, pointed out that I was very blessed to have such wonderful friends. No truer words have been said.
‘Thank you’ seems an almost insignificant phrase in comparison to the magnitude of generosity that’s been shown towards me, but I don’t know what else to say, so it will have to do.  Perhaps the nicest thing is that my friend recognised just how important Second Life is to me.  It’s stress-relief, a world to which I can escape when I need it.  It occupies my mind when I could be thinking of a myriad of unhelpful thoughts. In fact, I’ve no doubt that without it my Bi-polar depression would be a million times worse. It’s my therapy; other people go to the pub, play sports, watch soaps. Me? I log into this wonderful metaverse that I call home and explore all of  the bounty. The fact she recognises this speaks volumes about what a wonderful person she is. In fact, this post is totally for her.

You see, in real-life she has glorious red hair, so I promised her a red-hair post, and what better hair to share than the fantastic ‘Rykiel’ from Lelutka. (As always, click image to see a larger version..)

I know this has already been blogged a million times before so forgive my late entry to this party, but in my mind it deserves to be posted a galaxy of times.  Rykiel is 180 prims of curl and frizz and whizz that leaves all the competition in it’s wake. I love the details; from the shorter hairs at the hairline to the stray hairs sticking up on the crown. It’s voluminous and bouncy and just a massive style in so many ways.  It’s also completely  adaptable, enabling you to transform into Lady Gaga from the ‘Bad Romance’ video ( When she’s all in white in the bedroom..)or helping you evoke Susan Sarandon’s 1980’s vibe  in ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ ( the tennis court scene in particular!) It’s just one of the most amazing hairstyles that the grid has seen in recent months, and I am totally in love with it.  In fact when I first put it on I found myself singing ‘I lost my heart to a starship trooper’, purely because of the 1970’s disco vibe that it evokes so well!

Go and test this one out.  The demo is the irish auburn shade, and I think it works beautifully when worn with the Curio ‘YumII-Mint Julep 2’ skin. All those people who say that red and green should never be seen just haven’t a ruddy clue have they?

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