Skin & Shape Expo 2011 – Vive9 Leaves Kitty Feelin’ Fine!

(Although not averse to the odd dreadful pun obviously)

So, my Skin & Shape Expo adventures continue; and I found a BLINDER at Vive9.

I’m not a regular wearer of darker toned skins, and I can’t really give a reason for that.  I tend towards what I would describe as healthily flushed, or if I find a shade that I like I’ll try a tanned skin but I’ve never really gone the whole hog and worn a proper ethnic look. My bad, because I’ve discovered a skin at Vive9 that is,’s sexual chocolate.  A deeper tone than tanned but one that I would happily try darker; this is Ginta in Terra,  and she is very, very beautiful.  (I love those moments of anticipation in-world while you wait for Second Life to blinking rez your skin properly and then you come face to face with the result.  Even better when that result leads to you opening your gob and mouthing ‘Wow!’ in reality!)  Well dear reader this skin did precisely that to me and then some.  The flesh tone is beautiful, it’s so exquisitely toned that it’s almost edible. The colour is sublime, and the face is just oh, so delicately pretty. I love the soft hue that paints across the lips, and I adore the eyes and the handsome brow, which is very authentic looking. Be assured that in the nude this one is glorious; with perfect nips and bits.   A total head turner, you must give Terra a try!

Click here for a taxi to Vive9 at the Skin & Shape Expo

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