Milano by Maven Homes

Milano by Maven Homes

Probably the most amazing house build I’ve ever seen. I know I have had plenty of beautiful homes in-world, but nothing has ever astonished me as much as this one. The features and styling are absolutely stunning.

It’s called ‘Milano’, and at the Expo it costs a mere L$9999 (when you consider what you’re getting for your money it’s an absolute bargain for sure) It’s huge though, 1093 prims and 44m x 76m so you need a large parcel, probably half a sim for comfort. But make no mistake, this is a proper playboy mansion featuring three bedrooms, a swimming pool and best of all a level purely for entertaining chums- be it clubbing on the built in dancefloor, drinking at the funky bar or watching a movie together in the plush cinema. I shared this walkabout with Jez, a rarity in itself and he paid this residence the highest compliment he possibly could; which was if he had a larger Second Life presence THIS would be his home. For once I can only agree..and dream! <Sigh>
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