Orange Crush…

There’s a lot of orange on the grid at the moment, have you noticed? Lots of pretty summer frocks and accessories in this vibrant colour. Problem is, you really can look as though you’ve been tango’ed if you go head to toe in orange, and don’t even get me started on orange hued skins that don’t look right..urk.

Anyway, if you *do* want to do orange right then I suggest you take a trip over to ‘The Dressing Room Blue’.

First up there’s a glorious sunset toned frock featuring a lovely subtle orange fading into purple hue by EMERY . It features these really funky shoulder pads BUT they’re a sod to get right in photos when you’re as useless as me. There’s also a set of rather fabulous chunky plastic jewellery (necklace and earrings) from GLOW STUDIO. I’ve teamed both of these items with the magnificent new hairstyle from MAGIKA, called ‘Jess’.  This is a really fabulous take on the ever-popular bob, and best of all it has a few options including one that allows you to go all ‘scene-wolf’ on your fringe if that kind of thing floats your boat:) Finally, in this shout I’m wearing a freebie skin from FILTHY that I got in February. They have a rather fabulous group that gifts you serious quality skins each month, for boys as well as girls, so I heartily suggest that you join.
Last but not least, there’s another great orange frock that would look great with this look that’s available as part of ‘Lazy Sunday’. It costs L$75 from ABSOLUTION. Right, I’m off to drink lots of Sunny D, overdose on additives and puke terracotta rainbows everywhere….what ho!!!

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