Lucy now on sale for…L$50!! ( I must be bonkers!)

Lucy now on sale for…L$50!! ( I must be bonkers!)

I’m pleased to announce that ‘Lucy’ is now yours to own forever for the stupid price of L$50.

I dunno, perhaps I should charge more for my shapes seeing as I have no Lindens whatsoever, but it kinda goes against the grain for me. She’s a pretty wee thing and as I said before best worn with ‘Lene’ and ‘Lene2; from Mother Goose for a really sumptuous look.  I hope you enjoy wearing her as much as I did creating her; tell your friends and encourage them to splash out and treat themselves, then hop on over to Mother Goose to win the skin:) (I *really* need the creator, Milok Hermit, to make Lene into a  full range featuring lots of eyeshadows and lip colours because I am totally in love with this skin. If any readers know her, please beg her to do this!)

Here’s another couple of wats to wear her; same skin, hair by Truth this time.  Isn’t is gob-smacking that a skin of this quality can be yours for free in-world? Sheesh!


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