Kitty goes mad for..’!gO!’

Kitty goes mad for..’!gO!’

I didn’t know much about ‘!gO!’ (except that it’s a rather fantastic choon of epic proportions by keyboard guru Moby, who my ginger cat is named after, fact fans:) but I can tell you one thing; after visiting today it’s somewhere I intend to frequent. A lot.

It’s one of those stores that you can only find in Second Life. In other words, it’s totally mad bonkers. Lots of over-sized books and crazy colours and crayons conjure up a world of LSD induced fashion madness, but don’t be put off. The clothes here are actually rather stupendous, especially the numerous mesh items, and I want to tell you about two things in particular.

First up is the ‘Bloom’ dress. This is a rigged mesh short frock, with big patch-pockets, available in a veritable myriad of styles to suit all tastes; provided you like prints, <chuckle>There’s some that are quite naive, some that are quite bold and floral, but all of them will look great worn alone or with leggings or even jeans. It’s worth noting that now is a good time to join the ‘Go’ update group in store; not only is it free but you also get a special Bloom frock for your trouble, see picture below: 


Swish innit? In fact, so taken was I with teh styling that I purchased the Bloom black dress with the bold floral on it.  It has an almost Asian feel to it so I treated myself. And rather pleasing it is too, although I think I can do without it saying ‘Bloom’ in big letters down the side. But it looks the part, the mesh fits well (note: for me that’s slightly on the baggy side, not all of you will like your mesh to fit that way) and when all is said and done I was rather taken with myself in it.


My Fab Friday Find though has to be this mesh over-sized ‘Big’ t-shirt. There’s a plethora of prints to select from and it’s outrageously large and perfect for slobbing out in Second Life. There are male and female versions available too, and I imagine it would look especially good on a boy avi wearing his pants on the ground. (Something I find bloody annoying in real and virtual life I’m afraid. Mate, sort it out because no-one wants to see your arse crack, and your thighs must be chafing so pull your trousers up!)


All 27 Big t-shirts (should you want that many) will set you back L$2, 222 or they’re available for just L$111 each.

Go (Har Har!) and take a peek and have a mosey around; the prices for mesh are good and there’s a very popular lucky-board ( the shop was busy each time I visited today) as well as a nice array of dollarbies to snaffle up while you’re there. (Oh, and before I forget look out for the mesh linen tunics and smaller tees that are in store’s a proper candy box of treats this one, well done Gocha Merlin!)

Here’s your taxi.

And should you fancy perusing the goodies on the web, here’s the link to the market place, whoop whoop!

2 thoughts on “Kitty goes mad for..’!gO!’

  1. Gutted that they don’t do SL Standard Sizing, as even the ‘small’ is way too large for me at the shoulders, with massive gaps behind me and to the sides of my shoulders.


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