Kittywitchin’ changes afoot!

Kittywitchin’ changes afoot!

Because I work in RL (4 days a week, 12 hour shifts, yay me!) it leaves very little time for me to do other things (including Second Life) and I’ve been a tad neglectful of the blog recently.

This vexes me. I don’t like being vexed. So to try and amend this I’m going to change the way I blog;have no fear, Kittywitchin will still be as random as ever, but you’ll see more posts featuring my Bloghud (A fab wee gadget, every blogger should have one!)

This gadget will enable me to do quick posts with pictures for things I find and want to share immediately before I forget and go off and do something else entirely. It happens like that when you get to my age. (Have I had my breakfast? Am I with my family?)  

Of course I’ll still do bigger postings featuring larger pictures focusing on just one or two items, but I’m hoping using the Bloghud will help me bridge the gaps and keep the content fresh and funky, rather than like week-old custard. (Y’know a bit slimy and green round the edges, with the kind of smell that you can only find in the depths of your belly button. Stick your finger in, go take it out and sniff. Yes, THAT smell….ooof!)

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