Kittycats: Tiger, tiger, burning bright!

Kittycats: Tiger, tiger, burning bright!

I hinted at these in my earlier Kittycats post, so thought I’d take a quick snap to share with you all. These are the Kittycats ‘Le Tigre Bengal’, and they’re sodding amazing aren’t they? They’re available in a variety of sizes: BUT can only be purchased by Kittydollars, which you get from relinquishing kittens to the menagerie. ( You can buy them privately of course, but why would you want to part with one of these?) The system is intended to  keep them nice and exclusive and I hope it succeeds.Aren’t they glorious? A normal kitty is 10K$, a toy is 12K$ and a teacup is also 12K$. Seeing as I only have 600K$ in my savings the chances of me getting one are slim to none, but aren’t they precious?
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