Complete listing of Stumblebummers

Complete listing of Stumblebummers

Ahem, sorry, I couldn’t resist!

Not every item was out when I visited (or if it was, I couldn’t see it) but here’s your list of all this week’s Stumblebum participants. It really is a classy event, and well worth a visit to each store.

My favourite item thus far? Hmm tough one, but I think it’s the aforementioned bikini’s from Whippet & Buck. They’re sublime. Anyway, here’s your destination list!

Thanks to Tyr & Ivy as well as all of the  Stumblebum Team for this quality event!

1. Toki-Doki: 􀀵
2. Blah.􀀲
3. Ploom􀀳
4. Whippet & Buck􀀰
5. !Bang􀀯
7. * RezIpsa Loc * 􀀜
8. A.D.D. Andel  􀀝
9. Dark Mouse (No entry this round)
10. DCNY􀀠
11. E! Eclectic􀀞
12. Handverk 􀀟
13. Glitterati􀀶 (Will be out tomorrow <3)

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