Introducing Kittycattin’

Introducing Kittycattin’

ImageIf you like your breedable cats in Second Life then you’ll love Kittycattin‘, a blog for devotees of the Second Life breedable pet. One of my SL hobbies is mooching around breedable markets and I often spot really beautiful cats on sale, so I figured that this would be a good way to bring them to the attention of enthusiasts and hardcore breeders alike. 

It’s early days yet but so the project doesn’t take over this main blog I decided to establish a new home for it, so you’ll find all the cats at

When you start a new blog the early days are always somewhat fraught, and I’ve had problems today with my bloghud tool ( a brilliant device which will enable me to quickly post all my furry findings quick sharp) so while I’m waiting for some assistance with that I’ve been taking photos and uploading them in the normal, boring way…<yawn> That aside, I’ve found some really beautiful kitties just dying to go home with you, as I hope the picture above shows!

So if you’re into Kittycats and want to see some bargains, or just like pictures of virtual felines, please pay a visit to Kittycattin’. And I hope I can encourage you to buy some gorgeous mogs!

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