So wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully, wonderfully pretty!

…’You know that I’d do anything for you..’ Ahem, sorry, just singing ‘Love Cats’ by The Cure, as I’ve dropped over to PATRON to see their cats, and spotted some other lovelies whilst I’ve been visiting too…


PATRON: The art and design of Eliza Weirwight, is a rather fabulous store full of genuine arty creations. I really don’t visit it enough, which is a shame and I really should make more of an effort, because one of the special treats about it is that it’s a real feast for the eyes. And the ears, whilst wandering around today my ears were treated to some wonderfully soothing Polynesian sounds which really helped put me into a blissful mood.  I was visiting to see their Valentine’s offerings. There are some really lovely gifts in store to decorate or bestow upon a loved one.  To be honest, you could buy anything from this store for a treat for someone you love.  All the items are real quality with beautiful textures and carefully considered design.


For example, The Oceanic Champagne Icer, priced at a very reasonable L$499 and pictured above, is a real treat.  Who wouldn’t want to drink a flute of perfectly chilled champagne from this? Beautifully textured with coral and shells and seahorses, there’s even a napkin wrapped around the neck of this obviously ice-cold bottle, judging by the cool vapour puffing from its mouth.  This would look great at sunset, on the edge of a pool I think. Gazing at it made me thirsty, so I clicked on the bottle and sipped delicately as I window shopped the store..


There’s a stunning artwork for sale by Eliza called ‘Because Love Battles’. It’s evocative and would look stunning in a virtual home. At L$500 it’s not cheap, but this is a true virtual art creation, using Second Life imagery and embellishing it to make a modern canvas which would make a fabulous focal point in the home.The ‘Villa D’esta  Platinum Tree Lamp’ at L$499 is a gorgeous Valentine decoration that could be used year round to great effect. A bare tree stands in a pot, with two hearts hanging off a branch. There’s a key on the base and if you touch it the tree becomes a useful light feature, emitting three strengths of illumination. I picture this situated adjacent to a sofa in a dark room, emitting a delicate glow as two lovers snuggle on a sofa. Incidentally, there’s also a Ruby version for sale too. Both are equally romantic.

The big feature  are the Valentine’s Love Cats, which you can see in the picture at the top of this post.   These cats are rather fun, especially the funky ones with their multi-coloured textured designs. Apparently they’re usually L$300 each, but have been reduced to L$150 for Valentine’s Day. They’ve been embellished with heart balloons, a ruby and rose and are of course transfer for gifting. I think they’d make a great gift, especially for any Neko friends that you may have!

A final note; PATRON has the most amazing freebie that you really should get, especially if you’re a fan of Egyptology like myself. This beautiful chest above  features Anubis, and is one of my all-time favourite Second Life decorative items. This  stunning, yet relatively simple item was a collaboration build between Eliza and Contour, created for Second Life’s 9th birthday celebrations,  but it makes such an impact, and for it to be free is just, well, madness really. But a blessing too!  (There’s an Egyptian canvas beside the statue that is also free too.)


There are other Valentine’s items on sale but I think you need to take a trip to Patron and check them out for yourself. Give yourself time to relax and enjoy your visit, and I’m sure that you won’t come away empty handed! 

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