Fabulous Freebie From League Makes Kitty Snoodilicious!

Fabulous Freebie From League Makes Kitty Snoodilicious!


I think something that’s putting people off the current SL boobie craze is, to be honest, the fashion. People think it’s all about see through, fish-net blouses and strips of cloth pretending to be a tee shirt. If I’m honest that’s probably about 90% of the outfits I’ve seen thus far, BUT you CAN do big boobs in Second Life and keep them classy, as I hope the photo above proves.

In fact I’m actually really excited about this post because I discovered an awesome freebie at League which for me is the key component of this look, and I have to share it with you!

League is a Second Life treasure. A fashion, skins and accessory store that has quite frankly become a metaverse legend.  Nena Janus is the Goddess behind the brand, and she’s gifted to us a pack of three snoods, and guys they’re sublime. (In fact, I hope to goodness that Nena makes more of these, because they’re *perfect* for hiding applier lines. They also fit me beautifully and I therefore need squillions of them! )

Anyway, back to the snoods. For L$0 you receive a pack of three.  There’s a paisley and antique rose design, each one perfectly textured (it’s League, what do you expect?) but my favourite has to be this tribal print. It makes me a very happy kitty indeed!  It’s so ruddy versatile and an utterly brilliant frontage cover-up for when you’re feeling coy and don’t want your Tangos on display. Something as simple as this can make such a difference to your look and should be an inventory staple. Plain tank top? Add snood. Plain black dress? Add snood…and so on.  Mix and match happy, and it cost you *nuffink*

But don’t just drop by, grab the snood and rush away. 

Go and have a good gander around the store and take in not just the clothing and skins but also the array of scarves and utterly divine jewellery that are on offer. All of them feature League’s contemporary style-signature that’s become something of a trademark for the brand.  It’s no surprise that the store has been around since 2007 and continues to go from strength to strength because it’s one of the most compelling upon the grid, and long may it reign.

I don’t know precisely how to describe what makes League so unique; but for me it’s the way Nena Janus creates her pieces, but each item, even the skins, is infused with a lightness of touch to the textures that makes them so different from other items available upon the grid.  I guess you have to own and wear League to know precisely what I mean, but if you do you’ll know what I’m talking about.

So back to the outfit. I teamed the snood, with a very basic, V-neck long sleeve sweater by Intrepid that I found on the market-place for L$70.  I then added my mesh jeans and necklace from a few complete outfits that I had previously purchased from Ducknipple. Finally I added some old favourite wooden bangles and pumps and voila, not a peep of flesh anywhere, but a stylish, casual look ideal for mooching around the grid. Scrummy if I say so myself!

Anyway, go and pick up your freebie box of Snoods from League while they’re available.

 And if you see Nena PLEASE ask her to make more snoods..they’re snoodilicious!

Styling Notes: Skin by Belleza,  Hair By Elikatira,  Eyes by Ikon. Snood by League,  Sweater by Intrepid, Mesh jeans by Ducknipple and nails by Bamboo. (Bracelets no longer available)

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