To everyone who has ever dropped by and read this blog..

To everyone who has ever dropped by and read this blog..

Thank you for helping me reach, and surpass, 150,000 hits!

This blog was inspired by my love for Second Life, an environment that I’m so proud to call home.

I  was a regular reader of Linden Lifestyles, a blog that featured Second Life fashion and was my go-to guide in my early avatar days for finding wonderful new things to wear and fabulous designers.  

One day I had a crazy thought, why don’t I start a blog of my own? And in May 2007 I did just that.

My blog has recorded the ups and downs of my Second Life, as well as occasionally my real one. The lines blur from time to time, but that’s OK.

When I started the blog, there were a handful of Second Life blogs around. Now there are hundreds, and that number is still growing. It’s kudos to the wonderful world of Second Life, and especially the designers and creators in-world who inspire people to take up blogging and write about their creations.

If there’s one thing I hope that you, dear reader, will take from Kittywitchin’, it’s the fact that it’s created with passion for an astonishing virtual environment. I’ve met some wonderful people in-world, and have been fortunate to make some utterly wonderful real-life friends as a result. I’ve even seen real-life marriages happen as a result of Second Life hook-ups, not to mention babies too!  

On that December day in 2006 when I logged in-world for the very first time, I had no idea that I’d still be writing about it today. But I get so much pleasure from Second Life why would I ever want to leave? Real life is short enough after all.

I’ve no clue what the future holds for Kittywitchin’, or for Second Life in general. But I can tell you I’ve just renewed my domain for another 12 months, and I’m hopeful that I’ll still be writing about the glorious metaverse that we call home long after that.

 I also hope that you’ll still be checking in and reading the blog too.

 Thank You!

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