The Drax Files Go Pop!

I can’t think of a better way to end the week than with the release of the latest episode of The Drax Files, and this edition is an absolute corker.

This week our intrepid reporter  Draxtor Despres takes on original live music in Second Life, and he features the fantastic duo Engrama, comprising of Lakua Arriaga and Pupito Helstein.  I’ve heard about these guys before, but never had the pleasure of actually hearing them play until now. Make no mistake about it, these guys are brilliant musicians and evidently take great pleasure in playing live in-world.

It’s really heartening to see these passionate performers discussing their Second Lives. They’re obviously incredibly enthusiastic about the Metaverse, and are quick to dismiss any criticism of their creative outlet.  Not only that but their talent shines through too, and it’s contagious! While I was watching the video Jez was behind me and suddenly got very excited about what he was viewing, to the point that he even said that he’d love to go to one of their gigs in-world!

Draxtor’s editing and production values are as spot-on as always, and he always gleans the best soundbites from his interview subjects. I love his style.

I’m so looking forward to seeing  Engrama live in-world and can’t wait to go to one of their gigs. This is a video you really should share with friends in real life, especially if they’re music aficionados. I have a hunch that after they see this video, they’ll feel exactly the same way about Engrama too!

One thought on “The Drax Files Go Pop!

  1. Thank you for the write-up. And to your [who must be a fantastic] husband: dude, be prepared to give up Golf and watching Baseball – when you get into SL everything else will seem insignificant!! ;)/


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