Berry’s Memes: ‘My Second Life Guilty Confessions’

Berry’s Memes: ‘My Second Life Guilty Confessions’

I’ve thought long and hard about whether to actually do this meme challenge from Berry because I don’t actually think I’m guilty of anything especially bad enough in-world to consider the action worthy of a confessional…so let’s see how we go, eh?

I have a feeling that my smugness may be about to fade and my halo may be about to slip!

1. If there’s a cat on it, I’m in!

Let’s start slow and easy shall we with something that’s fairly obvious, and that is that I’m ‘Kitty by name, and Kitty by nature’.

This means I am very guilty of  loving anything cat related that can be found in-world, especially clothing, but also furniture and of course breedables. There’s a huge neko-culture in Second Life  that I’ve dabbled in and enjoyed, and I’ve also got a tiger-style  skin in my inventory if I want to go the whole hog and be totally furry.

Most of the time though I’m happy to display my love for all things cat with a pair of jewellery cat-ears or a nice jumper with a cat motif, but I’m always up for cat-themed items so if you know of any please give me a heads up so that I can indulge!  CATS FURREVER!!

2. I like being nosey in other peoples houses….

This is a big confession.  I have a ‘Space Navigator’, it’s a prized possession of mine,  and it means I can be pretty nosy and easily cam in to locations from a distance. Now, you could see that as an intrusion upon someone’s personal space, and actually I suppose that it is *gulp*, but I do set myself rules.  I don’t physically enter someone’s property uninvited, and I NEVER cam in when people are at home. (I always check to see if anyone is on the sim by using the map first)

So why do I do it? Well, fact is, I’m an SL Interior freak.  I LOVE seeing how people in-world choose to decorate their homes. I’ve studied houses where the owners have created the most amazing virtual spaces, so beautiful that they could make you weep, and I confess it’s a bit of an addiction. You see I just love a beautifully put-together home, and in real-life my house isn’t.  It’s in need of repair, there are arcade machines’s just a mess, frankly. It’s clean and tidy, but it’s never going to appear upon the pages of ‘House Beautiful’ anytime soon.

That’s where owning a virtual home comes into play, because I can decorate and make my virtual abode sensational for a fraction of the real-life cost.  Not only that, but now that mesh has taken over the grid I have even more prims to play with, which means the decorative possibilities are endless.

It’s always been a dream of mine to own a home in one of the more exclusive Second Life locations, and one of my favourites has to be The Grove Estates.

The houses here are sensational, and the styling is just to die for.  The sim is beautifully decorated , with carefully landscaped features like a park, as well as a marina. I love the fact that people’s homes have gates and driveways here.  I guess it’s the nearest I’ve ever gotten to visiting Beverley Hills, and one day I would LOVE to live there.

Would I mind if someone cammed into my home to look around? Actually, no, I wouldn’t mind at all.  I’m proud of my home, and I try to keep it looking as nice as I can.  If someone cammed in and was impressed by the way I had arranged something I’d be really pleased and if it inspired them to do something similar in their abode I’d be absolutely delighted!

But I don’t ever intend to break my rule of setting foot on someone’s property without permission, nor will I nosy anywhere that has people inside. I may be a voyeur, but I do have standards!

Of course in a few weeks time the SL Homes and Gardens expo will begin, and I’ll be in heaven.  I’m really looking forward to that event!

3. In fact, I like being nosy, end of!

I love reading people’s profiles. In fact, if I’m in a busy location I’m more likely to be reading profiles than I am to be actually checking out what I actually visited for! It’s a proper addiction as well. I’m not sure why I have to do it,but I actually do HAVE to do it when I’m surrounded by strangers. I guess it’s because I believe that a well-written profile really does tell you so much about the personality of the person behind the avatar.  I think an empty profile is pretty sad, and a poorly maintained one even worse.  I’ve read some incredibly awesome profiles, and some equally horrific, offensive and downright nasty ones too. There’s a message here: People DO read your profiles, so be careful what you write in there folks!

4. Inventory maintenance,or lack of it.

My inventory is just shy of 50k, and it’s an absolute disgrace. I’m really ashamed of it, and whilst I do try to keep on top of it I find it very quickly gets out of control. Demos and notecards seem to be legion,and they seem to breed whne I’m not logged-in. I have no idea where anything is.  It’s utterly ridiculous. If someone could invent an easy inventory sorting system they would make an absolute fortune, and I would be at the front of the queue to but one!  Sadly, I have to accept that a shiny clean inventory will never be one of my strong points. (For a Virgo that’s very hard to deal with!)

5. I’m a Second Life Snob.

There, I’ve said it. I am, and I’m not proud of it at all, so perhaps by my confessing I can take the requisite steps to purge myself of this trait, but I fear it will take more than a bowlful of leeches!

Fact is, I cannot for the life of me understand how some avatars can look so bloody awful.

Oh gosh, that makes me sound so bloody terrible! Let me elaborate; you will see some people in-world and they’ve been around for donkeys years yet they still wear hair with ropy textures and skins that had their heyday in 2007. I just don’t understand it; why would you want to look like that when there is so much newness and variety and MESH for goodness sake? I mean, it doesn’t have to cost a fortune to maintain a trendy avatar image; there are some fantastic freebies out there on the grid just waiting to be found.

I also can’t believe how some stores manage to trade when the clothing that they sell is, quite frankly, below par.  If you craft with poor textures, specialize in dreadful fitting and shoddy sculpt-work how are you even staying open? And yet I’ve been to sims and seen stores like this and people shopping in them, and I find it completely puzzling. Even more so when the items are priced the same as much better items to be found elsewhere upon the grid.

I feel like grabbing the avatars concerned by their collars and screaming at them, “Why?! Why are you doing this to yourself?!” But of course that would be wrong.  You can be whatever you want in Second Life, and if your heart’s desire is to look like a n00b then that’s your call, but I find it frustrating as heck because you don’t have to!

You know what I said at the beginning of this post about not actually thinking I’m guilty of anything especially bad in-world to consider the action worthy of a confessional?  Evidently I lied, I’m a BAD person!

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