Just Jezza (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 13 of 30))

Just Jezza (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge (Entry 13 of 30))


Jez doesn’t log in very often, as regular readers will know, so it’s always lovely when he does. And I must say, as male avatars go, he is rather tasty.

Of course this is totally down to me.

I heard that Fatewear had released some new awesomeness so I took him along to go see and yes, awesome is a fitting word to describe the lovelieness on offer!

Fatewear, from Damian Fate, has to be one of the best brands of male mesh clothing on the grid. Damian is an outstanding creator, using brilliant textures and bringing them to life with shading and shaping that adds depth and reality to each outfit.  

Each item is carefully created;  I mean you really get the sense it took ages to perfect each piece, yet it’s never overstated or brash. Subtlety is key with this brand, with gentle colour transitions and patterns that are visually striking but presented perfectly. Damian is a creator’s creator, and so he should be, he’s been in-world a long time so knows his stuff. This is a designer to aspire to!

PicMonkey Collage

His latest releases are a contemporary selection of slacks, tanks and hoodys, which granted aren’t complicated pieces but they need a special touch if they’re to work perfectly, and these do.

I decided to get Jez a ‘Simon’ hoody, and some ‘Nick’ pants, and they just look amazing on  him.  They’re ‘materials ready’, something that I haven’t played about with as yet, but even though I’m not using the MR viewer these still look totally authentic and really look good on his avatar.  The hoody in particular works extremely well. You can wear it with the hood down, or up for a more mean and moody look. It fits like a dream, and the creasing details are perfect. It looks real, what more could you ask for?

Well, I felt Jez needed some new hair too so took him along to Exile. I’ve not tried their men’s styles and wanted to see if Jez would suit them, and the very first one he tried he bought. You know when something just looks right on your avatar? This style; ‘Jackson’ in ‘Marone’,  is a prime example of that. It works beautifully with Jez’s David skin, which is of course meant to replicate the astonishingly handsome David Beckham.  It does a great job of that, but Jez’s shape is tweaked to make him look slightly less like David and more  like..well, Jez!  (I especially like the eye wrinkles that are built into this skin, they make him look beautifully aged and very handsome!)

It’s nice to know that when your virtual fella does actually log in he’s going to look glorious. I just wish he’d log in more often!

Jez wears:

Shape: Jez’s own (based upon Redgrave original)

Skin: REDGRAVE – David in Tan.

Hair: EXILE Jackson in ‘Marone’

Outfit: FATEWEAR (Nick pants and Simon Hoody)

Eyes: IKON ‘Ascension’ in Pewter (M)

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