Kitty Gets Her Rave On! (Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge(Entry 27 of 30))


It’s almost the end of the month, but you still have time to check out Collab88 and the Cosmetics Fair. I’ve loved this round of Collab88; the Nineties theme and bright colours and patterns have been a real nostalgia trip for me. Seeing as festival season is now well underway I thought I’d get my rave gear on for this shot. Particular favourite items  this round included the UFO ‘Who Cut Off My Sleeve?’ Tee, the ‘Some Boots’ by DECO, Ball chain necklaces from YUMMY and the ‘Rapture Rave’ necklace from MAXI GOSSAMER.  I also really rated the entire range from NYLON OUTFITTERS, especially the hair and bindi that made me feel very Opus III!  You really must be sure to check it out in-world before it ends, and CLICK HERE for a Spotify 1990’s dance playlist to enjoy while you’re Second Life-ing!

As for Cosmetics Fair, be sure to pop by before it ends join the group and pick up the fabulous giftie from MONS on the small table near the sofa. It’s some really zingy, colourful eyeliner in a dazzling arrau of bright colours, called ‘Eyeliner Drama’, and I’m wearing it in world at the moment to really up my rave factor. It looks awesome, so don’t miss it.

Don’t be sad as the end of the month draws near, we have a LOT to look forward to in July.  Furniture galore, hairstyles a-plenty, foody nom nom, shoes, boys and even more eyeliner! WOOOTTTT!!

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