A Blogger’s Despair….

A Blogger’s Despair….

Kitty sobbing at her keyboard earlier…
The past few hours have NOT  been kind to me blog-wise. 

I’ve been really conscious of my lack of blogging over the past few days. I’d gotten into a rhythm during the Avatar Blogger Crossfit Challenge, and I’ve been surprised to note that I’m missing blogging so frequently. Writing takes up a lot of time and of course I have to devote some of that to real life, but even so, it appears I had got into the daily habit and I was pining for it!
So last night I sat down and opened up Second Life to check my inventory and IM’s. I had a couple of blog-posts in mind and was going to start about writing them in earnest, when I spotted that I’d received a review package from Atelier Visconti, which really made me squeal with excitement. ( I did squeal actually, so much that ‘Jez’ shouted at me from his office down the hall!) My reaction though was pretty justified. Stephan Visconti makes bloody fantastic stuff, so the prospect of opening up a review box from him and seeing what was inside was a gloriously self-indulgent one indeed.

But alas, Second Life has a special talent for crashing your plans into a dirty heap upon the floor, and when I searched my inventory said package couldn’t be found. I spent ages, hunted high and low for it in a Morten Harket style, and even cleared cache and went through the whole rigmarole of re-loading my inventory. But the package had gone, leaving me pretty piddled off.
No matter. I was a Girl Guide in my youth after all, and I am all about ‘being prepared’. So I zoomed over to the main-store and thought I’d play about with the set in-situ, so at least I could blog it. There would be limitations alas (I wouldn’t be able to change the colour of the cushions, couldn’t position/take photos how I wanted to) BUT no biggy. I would do this creation justice!
Before I went to bed last night I sat down at my desk and wrote a few paragraphs and I was pretty pleased with what I had written. Sometimes when you’re writing something just clicks and a post feels really good. I was on a roll last night. My post was funny, I was enjoying writing it and I really was a girl on fire (In an Alicia Keys style, not due to a yeast infection.)
So imagine the expression upon my chops as I’ve just sat down to reopen my Word document to carry on writing my review and discovered that it’s gone. To say I look like a bulldog chewing a wasp is putting it mildly.
Well, let me elaborate, the document is there, but the four or five paragraphs I had written have disappeared. The page is blank. This vexes me. I am TERRIBLY vexed.
I’ve tried everything and realised that Mercury’s retrograde at the moment so I’m blaming that for my misfortune. I’ve cursed and yowled and would punt my PC out of the window if it wasn’t for the fact that I love it so much, but to say I’m annoyed is putting it bluntly.
Normal blogging service will therefore resume once I’ve calmed down a tad. It’ll take a few cups of tea and perhaps a chocolate biscuit, but I fully intend to blog ‘The Etienne Set’ by Atelier Visconti when I’m feeling a little more Kitty like!

6 thoughts on “A Blogger’s Despair….

  1. Oh Kitty, I’m so sorry for your pain… part of me just wants to give you a hug… but in spite of the poor timing, part of me just has to ask, HAVE I TAUGHT YOU NOTHING!?

    Look at you sobbing at your desk (in your OMG super-cute-I-must-see-the-rest-of-it-Dress) Haven’t we been over this? SITTING IS THE NEW SMOKING! Your chair is killing you! Go to the LEA11 FreeStore now and get a treadmill desk! They are Full Perm you know! So you can take out anything you want, add in anything you want, change textures, make it totally yours.

    Nearly a century ago a British researcher discovered the strange fact that British Bus Ticket Punchers lived longer than British Bus Drivers! It turned out that the simple act of walking through the bus to punch tickets instead of sitting in a chair and steering, made a difference in longevity. Get up off your butt and live to blog MORE amazing stuff… maybe even live long enough to see SL NOT screw up on a daily basis (ok, that last bit WAS a fantasy! 😛

    On the Word thing… not to push MY workflow on YOUR work… (kind of like how MY Utopia turns out to be everyone else’s dystopia! But anyway…

    Why write in Word at all? Why not write straight in WordPress? It’s a nice editor, you don’t have to “publish” right away, you can just Save Drafts till you’re ready. AND it AUTOSAVES to the CLOUD every couple of minutes… so, *in theory* losses like this should never happen (barring operator errors like accidental deletes, of course) I never write in any external app, it’s just all in WordPress.

    As for the time eaten up in daily blogging, I’m afraid I can’t be helpful on that one. I really want to do a daily post, and I’ve got no shortage of topics, but it just takes me forever to get a post out. I really have to find a way to be faster!

    Anyway Kitty, so sorry about your tech frustrations, but did you see yourself in that dress? Ohh! Yummy! 🙂


    1. LOL! You cheered me up! TY! This dress IS yummy, it’s the Fifty Linden Friday offering from MIEL, a dress replete with hud and it was still available on Tuesday so YOU MUST go and get it! Writing in Word is a habit of mine, I can’t break it and yes you are 100% correct the WordPress editor is fabulous and I should use it more. Perhaps this is my starter for ten. As for the desk? I had to sit at it, it’s so pretty and I needed piggy solace…Last but not least, I’m wondering if there’s mischief afoot as I appear to have lost further inventory today. Mercury is retrograde Vanessa…be aware!!! xxxxx


      1. Fuck Mercury! Too hot for me anyway! 😛

        Talk to Trilby or maybe Yordie. They’re the pros on lost inventory and SL cock-ups.

        How long is the dress? And what’s the skirt part like? Mesh? Mesh is (or can be) so great it’s hard to ever wear prim stuff again – except for dancing – there flexi still has an elegance where mesh tends to be sort of limp.


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