In Memory Of Millie

In Memory Of Millie

Bitches, originally uploaded by Millie Gears.

Second Life has lost a shining star, and many, many people have lost a friend today.

Millie Gears kept a fabulous blog, ‘Dizzy Miss Millie’, and took fabulous photographs that were admired by many on her Flickr page.

She was also a dear, dear friend to many people who are heartbroken by her sudden loss at the tender age of 31.

I didn’t know Millie very well. I knew her through her work and really enjoyed what I read and saw. The times I was fortunate enough to meet her she was charming and it was obvious why she was adored by so many people on the grid.

I am so sorry for the loss that friends and family are enduring.

If there’s some small element of comfort that can be reflected upon let it be this; that by existing in two lives, and not just one, Millie touched the hearts and souls of so many people around the world and they will carry her memory with them, forever and always.

Sleep well, dear Millie. 

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