Kitty’s Fave Blogs #2 – ‘The Fashionable Heart’ by Heidi Volare.

Here’s my second entry where I tell you about a favourite Second Life blog that I admire.

Today I’m encouraging you to go and visit the ever-amazing ‘The Fashionable Heart’. which is the work of Heidi Volare. 

The Fashionable Heart is one of those blogs that I visit that leaves me one part enthralled and the other part enraged.

The being enraged comes from the fact that every ruddy image featured on this blog is perfect, and I get very angry at my own ineptitude and inability to craft pictures as sensational as the ones produced by  Heidi Volare.

The enthralled feeling comes from the fact that Heidi really does take us on a fashion journey with every single shot that she publishes.  She carefully selects her locations and backgrounds enabling her to create a look that perfectly represents her mood on any given day.  For example, sometimes she’s  feeling classically glam and others casually cute. But whichever mood she chooses to share with her readers, each has one thing in common; they look astonishing.

When it comes to making fantastic Second Life images, some people just have ‘it’, that magical skill that turns an ordinary fashion shot into something very special indeed.  Heidi has it in bucketloads. The way she lights her images? I have no idea how she does it, but it just works.

If you’ve never visited ‘The Fashionable Heart’ before then you’re in for a treat.  Expect to see  beautifully coloured, high-res fashion shots that really stand out from the crowd. These are the kinds of images that make me go ‘Ooh’ and ‘Aah’ and above all else, encourage me to go shopping in-world.If I was a content creator in Second Life, knowing my work had been featured on Heidi’s blog would make me one very happy bunny indeed.

If you’re looking for style inspiration, and I often am, Heidi’s blog is a great place to visit to quench your thirst for all things lovely. Her Flickr is also a fabulous resource too.

So here’s to you Heidi Volare, and your fantastic blog. I raise a glass to you and your delicious fashion stylings, and must tell you that I cannot wait to see what else you have in store for us.  Keep up the fantastic work! 

5 thoughts on “Kitty’s Fave Blogs #2 – ‘The Fashionable Heart’ by Heidi Volare.

  1. This is a fantastic idea for a blog post! Thank you for sharing this – it’s wonderful to see a blogger giving back to others who share their talent and might be otherwise missed (I wasn’t familiar with Heidi’s blog, but I’ll be adding it to my list).


    1. Thanks Peeps! I’ve wanted to do this for ages, finally got round to it, but I do think it’s really important to recognise your peers. So many bloggers don’t realise what an inspiration they are to others, for so many different reasons. I hope in this series I’ll be able to highlight blogs that people have missed or just let everyone know how ruddy wonderful they are! And yes, DO follow Heidi’s blog. Her post on Monday was lovely:)


  2. Hi, Kitty! I am in tears. Really. I can’t thank you enough for these kind words. I work so hard on my photographs, and even though most of the time I feel like they don’t look good enough, I still pour my heart and soul into them. You wouldn’t believe how much I’ve scrapped in the past because one thing was wrong. You also wouldn’t believe how many times I’ve just wanted to quit blogging all together because I’ve felt like my stuff wasn’t good enough to be published. Or, sometimes, I think, “Hey that turned out pretty nice.” only to go look at other high-quality SL blogs and suddenly think my stuff is crap. (I guess I’ve got a rockin’ case of insecurity, eh?)

    So it’s incredible to be recognized by you and that people actually go to my blog on a regular basis. I’ve been blogging for 6+ years, and every shoot, I think “What can I do differently, or better?” I’m always trying to improve my skills. It is a labor of love–everything from putting the look together to scouring locations for just the right background, and choosing the title for my posts. When you see me posing in front of blank wall, it usually means I couldn’t find the right spot, or I had to churn out a number of different looks. But I always try to give each post/look special attention.

    I can’t thank you enough, Kitty. Your post just made my 6 years blogging SL worth it.


    1. Now quit blubbing,because you’ll make me start!
      Seriously though I am so pleased that my words have made you happy, because your blog is brilliant and deserved to be recognised! I can tell, as I am sure every reader can, how much work you put into your blog because the images speak for themselves Heidi.
      I am incredibly envious of your work, but in a good way because your pictures are stunning, You illuminate your photographs in such a fabulous way! Please, NEVER think that your stuff is crap. It really isn’t, I promise. Your work is beautiful,and a real inspiration to me, and I am sure many, many others in both the blogging universe and in Second Life.
      I look forward to many more fabulous posts from you,never stop what you’re doing! xxxx


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