HORRORFEST 2013: Have You Seen My Bukkit?

HORRORFEST 2013: Have You Seen My Bukkit?

ImageIt’s all about the candy at Halloween, so  you need a nice, large receptacle to stash your hard earned trick or treat winnings in.  One that’s big enough to fill to the brim with yummy calorific treats…

So what could be better than a nice disembodied head to carry your chews and sweets in? 

Yup, these Ed Gein-esque  bags from BALACLAVA are both ghoulish AND practical.

Ok, they’re totally gross, BUT in a GOOD way!

For a start they’re awesome mesh creations, and  for another they really are very realistic.

A little too realistic if you ask me…<shudder>

A nice barbaric touch is the chain handles that  pierce the eye sockets like a lobotomist’s dream.

The ‘Bloody Candy Bucket’ can be worn or rezzed, and you can even click for a tasty lollipop to be dispensed, although I fear the flavours will be a bit off. Adenoid Surprise or Tasty Tonsil treat anyone? The lollipops are actually pretty clever, when attached they cause a face emote to appear…YUM! You can also get a filled version, but the pictures were all taken before I went out to annoy the neighbours. I think if you carry these you can pretty much guarantee you’ll get as many treats as you like…

Oh, and my bucket on the floor? That’s a lantern, and it’s really effective. I really do love these in a sick and twisted way because they’re simple ideas perfectly visualised..even though they’re disembodied heads.


Finally these are 100% donation items to the chosen charity, The Epilepsy Therapy Project. Which is incredibly nice of Uriah Eulenberg, who I hear nothing but great things about on a daily basis..<ahem>.

(Look, I’m creeping OK? I don’t wanna be a bukkit!!!) 

Go visit Horrorfest 2013 and get yours by clicking HERE! 

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