Calling All Incredibly Nosy People! Fancy Joining the 2013 Holiday Homes tour?!

Calling All Incredibly Nosy People! Fancy Joining the 2013 Holiday Homes tour?!



I’ve written before on these pages about how much I adore being very nosy and snooping around virtual houses. Oh, I adore it, I really do!   It’s my fascination with virtual-interior design that fuels this addiction, and there are some incredibly skilled people in Second Life who really know how to bring a virtual space alive with colour, pattern and that special-something that turns a mere dwelling into a virtual palace.

One of the best ways to get a feel for interior decoration is by visiting other people’s homes and studying their room layouts and discovering where they have sourced their items from, but it’s never really appropriate to do this without the express permission of the home-owner.

A virtual home, in my eyes, is no different to a real-life home.  You wouldn’t walk into a house in real-life at random and start getting all jiggy on the furniture, now would you? Well the same applies to Second Life in my opinion. One of the reasons I tend towards PG furnishings in my abode isn’t just because I’m not into virtual hanky-panky, it’s also because if I don’t have adult animations then I won’t walk into my house to find scantily clad avatars using them, something that I have encountered more than a few times! (I still bear the mental scars..)

However, fear not!  The 2013 SL Holiday Home Decor Tour is just around the corner and is the perfect solution for quelling your virtual curiosity.  It will take place on three weekends: Nov. 30-Dec. 1; Dec 7-8; and Dec. 14-15.

It’s a great  way for you to show off your home and landscaping, and have a peek at how other people choose to decorate their virtual abodes.  Even better this is a FREE event; there are no groups to join and EVERYONE is invited to participate! Whoop whoop! 

The wonderful Tymmerie Thorne is organising this event, bless her cotton socks, and if you would like to join in then all you need to do is fill in THIS form, selecting the weekends that you would like to participate in. When your weekend arrives, make sure that you’ve tidied up and dusted, that your pots look spic and span, that your knickers aren’t stuck to the floor and that you’ve set your land so that people can visit. 

Tymmerie will send you a notecard detailing all the participants on the tour for each weekend by the Friday before. It’s that simple, and promises to be tons of fun. (I recommend you have a notepad and a pencil ready so you can make a note of anything awesome that you find on your travels!) I’ll be participating during both December weekends, and I’m tidying up my space like a mad-woman at the moment! 

Thank you so much Tymmerie for arranging this fabulous event!

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