I’ve had a fabulous time exploring all the shops and spaces at the CHRISTMAS EXPO 2013. There is just so much to see and enjoy! I’ve been really entranced by so many items from creators that I have never encountered before.  

Here’s an example, LAUDANUM LOLLIPOPS, from the designer Felice Nightfire, features some amazing Fantasy items and toys that virtual kiddies will have EPIC virtual tantrums over.  (I wonder if there’s an animation for that? There HAS to be!)

PicMonkey Collage

See what I mean? I’m talking dinosaur plushies, rockets, laser guns and elephants, train sets and much, much more. I love it; the colours, the textures, the way the items are designed make this an emporium of Christmas delights for young and old alike. It’s a magical banquet of Yuletide happiness, it really is!  Not only that, but the RFL item in-store for the ladies  is a bit spesh…


           This Christmas mesh frock is yours for L$200, monies which go straight to Relay For Life. It’s a perfect choice for a posh night out in-world; I’ve teamed it with another RFL charity item, the BLIENSEN + MAITAI ‘Tannenbaum’ necklace in White.  Oh, and the little stars are another treat to be discovered at LAUNDANUM LOLLIPOPS-This is ‘Tiny Cosmos’, and these kawaii stars circle you as walk and change their expression as they twist and turn. GORGEOUS!

Don’t forget the event opens to the public tomorrow-check out the official blog for location details! 


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