I’m having one of those ‘I cannot be arsed’ days today in RL, and it’s sort of carrying on into my second. So I’ve decided today is a day for being lazy! But instead of wearing a onesie and slobbing on the sofa, I intend to lounge about like a lady. So to that end I’m wearing LUXURIA lingerie, enhanced by this rather fabulous necklace from LARK. I feel like I should be splashing around in a champagne glass, like Ms. Dita Von Teese,  but instead I’ll be sipping on multiple cups of tea and napping frequently. Such is life!

I’ve kept my fabulous JALWA ‘Coven’ skin on for the shoot, as blogged in my last post, and I’ve been racking my brains trying to think of who I look like in this. (I’ve got it! Madge in her ‘Confessions Of A Dancefloor’ phase-her last truly great album in my opinion) I’ve teamed it with my favourite style of the year, and more on that later, which is called ‘Plenty’ by MAGIKA.  Last but not least is this stunning lingerie, It’s called ‘Rosa’, and it really lives up to the LUXURIA brand name. It’s incredibly delicate and girly, but the under bust corset has a very strong, well defined shape and there is lacing to the rear to compliment. I think it is utterly divine; and perfect for days like today, when you have chores to do but intend to do them dressed to the nines, and then some! Look, if I have to vacuum today I am going to be utterly sensational when I do it, OK?


The necklace from LARK is the finishing touch. Again, Sienia Trevellion has crafted a corker, this time in this opulent bow-tie necklace. I can see this looking fabulous with a number of things, but for a real statement I’d say try teaming it with a tuxedo jacket;wearing *nothing* underneath it. (A kind of look that evokes Lauren Hutton and 80’s decadence.)

You can find this necklace in four colours; Silver, Gold, Black and Champagne, and it’s resize scripted too, available at the ACID LILY GALLERY EVENT.

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