Even More Gothmas By Gaslight Goodness!

Even More Gothmas By Gaslight Goodness!


And even more purple. I’m wearing items that will coordinate with this glorious JALWA skin, so you’ll have to forgive me! But hey, don’t I look posh? My selection from Gothmas By Gaslight today includes this stunning frock from DG DESIGNS called the ‘Lucretia Dress’.  Nice isn’t it?  This eye-catching, and very steampunk-esque jewellery is from AZE JEWELRY DESIGNS and is the Magic Lantern Snowflake Slides Set in Gunmetal. Why snowflake slides? Well, you cannot see it at all in the picture I’m afraid, but the small circular petals on the necklace are filled with tiny, detailed snowflakes that move! A very quaint and a  totally original idea.

Click HERE to visit Gothmas by Gaslight at Cursed, and click HERE to visit Gothmas By Gaslight at Sium. 

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