One Day Left to Enjoy Gothmas By Gaslight….

AmusedAnd there is still lots to see and enjoy. Events such as this one are always a good time to try different things, and Gothmas By Gaslight has encouraged me to try a myriad of new looks.

I had never considered that I could comfortably exist in world in fashion from a different era, but the creations that I have seen on sale at this event have encouraged me to think differently.  It turns out I can rock Steampunk and Goth incredibly well, much to my delight.

I look very Victorian in this shot don’t you think? I would normally never wear this kind of dress, but it was so beautiful that I had to. This fantastic gown has been created by Fiat Lux and is part of her ‘The Muses’ collection for THE DREADSHIP LOLLIPOP label.  It’s mesh and is available in seven different sizes. Looking at her Flickr stream I spied a number of dresses that could be worn to any occasion, and not just as part of a Gothic ensemble. She’ll certainly be a creator that I will watch with interest in 2014!

The event closes tomorrow,  so be sure to visit the locations for one last wistful shopping-spree. Congratulations to everyone at Cursed Events, and to all the bloggers and creators who supported it! 

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