With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to put some thought into what you’ll be doing on the most romantic night of the year.Wining and Dining is sure to be near the top of the list, but how about taking your beloved out for a boogie? If you do then you’ll need some moves to impress, and that’s where VISTA ANIMATIONS come in!

One of the times when Second Life animations really come into their own are when you hit the dance-floor. You can tell a lot about an avatar by the way they conduct themselves on the virtual linoleum. Well, you can’t actually, but there are always certain kinds of dancers that you’ll spot a mile off.For example there’s the funky one, well, he thinks that he’s funky but he’s using dances from 2007 and is jabbing everyone with his elbows as he throws shapes on the dance-floor. And when I say ‘throws shapes’ that precisely what I mean; he’s so jerky and all over the place that he looks like a cat in serious distress and about to evict the world’s largest fur ball. He judders and flails and knocks into people whilst generally makes an absolute nuisance of himself, seemingly oblivious to the fact that his moves went out of style a long, long time ago.

Compare that with the sweet little thing in the corner. Her dance moves are so subtle that you can barely tell that she’s moving. Her styles is less ‘Smack My Bitch Up’ but more ‘Let’s have a nice cup of tea and a lie down’, and even though she’s desperate to impress the swarthy avatar dancing nearby, but her moves mean nothing, he hasn’t even noticed her existence…the shame! *sob*

Fortunately Vista Animations are on hand to help out. They’re released a number of dances recently and each one is an absolute winner.

For the lads you can make like the king of the club by using the ‘Daniel-Party King’ HUD.  This is sure to bring you lots of attention, and that’s putting it VERY mildly. These are the kinds of moves that will make a virtual admirer’s knickers fall right off. Well, OK, that’s perhaps exaggerating a wee bit, but make no mistake these original motion-captured moves twill make you stand out at an event. Chaps, when you spend a virtual fortune on your outfit in Second Life then it means that you want to impress, so you need to go the whole hog and shell out for some moves that will bring the whole look together. You really cannot go wrong using VISTA ANIMATIONS to make your avatar package complete.

Now onto something rather fabulous for the ladies. I did a giddy, girly squeal when I saw this!

This is the ‘Two Sexy Chicks’ couple dance for girls, and like all other VISTA dances the moves have been captured perfectly. This is how girls dance in a club, after they’ve wobbled onto the dance-floor spilling their Babychams all over the place and knocked everyone around them flying.The scary part, for me at least, is how realistic this ‘Two Sexy Chicks’ Dance package is. We’ve all danced like this in a club, handbags on the floor and arms in the air, or bumping butts with our buddies, or reaching out and holding hands when the DJ drops that anthemic choon that you’ve always loved. “This is MY song!” you squeal loudly and excitedly..and a bit drunkenly if we’re being completely honest.

(I found this video on Youtube featuring the Two Sexy Chicks moves. It’s been uploaded by Goizane Latzo, and I think she’s done a great job of showing how awesome these dances are!)

I really love this dance HUD  because it really does capture perfectly what is, let’s be honest, a rite of passage. Dancing drunkenly with your girlfriends on a Friday night is what memories are made of, and these moves evoked some very happy memories for me, they really did! I would be really impressed if I saw some girls drop these moves on the dance-floor; like the ‘King Of Party Dances’ Hud that I mentioned before deploying these kinds of animations really show that you’ve invested some time and effort into your avatar, and that’s something that I personally really enjoy seeing in-world.  NOTE: The ‘Two Sexy Chicks’ package is an add-on for the Couples HUDs that Vista Animations sell.

STOP PRESS: There’s a fabulous deal on the Marketplace at the moment. Vista always produce amazing Couple’s HUDs, and as a Valentine’s Day Special you can purchase the biggest couples pack that Vista Animations have ever released for just L$2100. Granted, that’s a lot of cash, but the features included are just out of this world. We’re talking dances, photos, hugs, kisses..everything that would make your Valentine the best night of your Second Life. Check it out by clicking here!

EVEN MORE VISTA GOODNESS: Vista Animations In-World, Vista Marketplace AND Vista YouTube Channel

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