KITTY QUICKY: 1602 posts, and still going strong!

Just a quick humble-brag on my part, but I had to share that this is post number 1602 on the blog. I’ve never consistently kept a diary, something I’ve always wanted to do, yet I’ve managed to keep this blog going since 2007. YIKES!
There have been a few breaks along the way, but I’ve always come back, because I love it.
I adore my Second Life, and I really hope that this blog reflects that. This week I’ve been honoured to be accepted as part of the amazing SL BLOGGER SUPPORT crew, and if you’d like to read my first post for them you’ll find it here.  I thank everyone who has ever dropped by my blog and read any of my 1602 posts that I’ve written over the years. How time flies huh?
Here’s to the next 1602!

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