Happy Thanksgiving! Why not show your thanks…

Happy Thanksgiving! Why not show your thanks…

..by showing your appreciation for all the lovely content creators, skin makers and hair designers in Second Life than by voting in this year’s AVI CHOICE FASHION AWARDS?  .

Finalists were narrowed down to those who received three or more nominations, so I’m afraid to say that some of your favourites might not be included this year (so bear that in mind for 2015!) but there are plenty of categories in which your vote will count.

Categories cover a vast array of themes, from ‘Favourite Tattoo Designer’ to ‘Favourite Full Perm Mesh Designer’. You can also vote for ‘Favourite Kids Apparel’, ‘Favourite Jewellery Store’ and many, many more! (Yes there’s a blogger category, but we’ll not talk about that..*ahem* 😉 In fact, you have 44 fashion-related categories to vote in. It’s not easy to choose, trust me!

Don’t miss your opportunity to vote in this prestigious event. CLICK HERE to visit the voting page.

Voting closes December 8 2014, with the winners being announced at the Avi Choice Fashion Awards on December 13th.

Congratulations to all the nominees and good luck!

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