Skin Fair 2015 and some blogger thoughts and jottings..

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Skin Fair 2015 is almost upon us, which means bloggers will be running ragged around both sims discovering gorgeous new skins to write about and share with our readers prior to the mad crush on opening day, Friday 13th March. It can be a crazy time because Skin Fair is always one of the most exciting events that take place in-world, and the pressure is certainly upon bloggers to write and share the very best that is on offer at the event.

Some (but by no means all) of the brands at Skin Fair offer bloggers the opportunity to request copies for evaluation on their blogs.  Like most of the bloggers in this group I have requested some copies for myself to feature on my blog, Kittywitchin’, but I’ve been careful not to ask for too many.  There are so many brands exhibiting at the event that if…

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