Berry’s Blogger Challenges: First & Recent Challenge

Berry’s Blogger Challenges: First & Recent Challenge

PicMonkey Collage

Just taking a wee break from the Skin Fair 2015 posts to indulge in one of Berrycake‘s recent photo challenges, and chuff me it’s a bit of an eye-opener!

How much have I changed since 2007? How much has Second Life changed since 2007? SHEESH!! Confession time:this isn’t my first picture, but it is one from 2007 when the blog started. I wanted to feature something that included some similar colours to what I’m wearing in my more recent shot, but boy oh boy, we have textures and materials now! Look at the mesh tee; it’s creased and tied and looks practically realistic, whereas my frock back then has no definition at all. I mean, look at those cap sleeves *shudder*  Thing is, I thought I looked ruddy amazing! (Stop laughing at the back, how dare you!)

Some things never change though.  I still love my bobs and my eyeliner and my trinkets. I haven’t got such a wide mouth anymore, and although I’m a slim avatar I don’t suffer so badly with lollipop-head syndrome. I also had hands like plates of meat, I really did, and no manicures either.  HOW DID WE MANAGE BEFORE MESH?!! Having a better graphics card in my PC also helps but wow, it’s amazing how we’ve evolved as avatars.

It’s good to look back and see how much Kitty has grown. And here’s a thought, if I’ve changed this much in eight years, well, where will Second Life be in another eight?! YIKES!

If you want to see how much further Kitty has changed over the years feel free to rummage through the archives of this blog. You never know what you’ll find, you’ve been warned! 

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