Unintentional Kitty Hiatus

Unintentional Kitty Hiatus

So if you’re wondering what happened to Witchy Week, well, the TL;DR version is that my PC is stuffed and I’m on an unplanned Second Life hiatus until my new one arrives (which if a miracle can happen will be this weekend..fingers crossed!)  I could rant and rave, but you know what? There’s no point.  It won’t get my PC built any faster, and Second Life will still be there in a week (I hope!)  so I am just about managing to keep my hair on.  I’ve logged onto the beloved’s PC to check on my abode and pay tier, but his PC is not set up like mine and Second Life just isn’t the same unless I’m plugged in with my Space Navigator and my big screen.  Taking some time out isn’t necessarily a bad thing by any means, but it does feel odd not logging in every night, especially when I’ve done pretty much the same thing every night  since 2007 (gulp!)  My time is being well spent though: catching up on reading and watching movies that have been stacked on my DVR (which means I’ll have lots of lovely space ready for when the Autumn TV season begins!).  So fear not Kittyreaders, I will be returning as soon as I can but until then, why not check out some of the lovely blogs featured in my blogroll to the right of this page?

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