GLAMISTRY are Kitty’s new ‘sole’ mate!

GLAMISTRY are Kitty’s new ‘sole’ mate!

Peony_002I’m delighted to share that I’m going to be blogging some of my favourite  GLAMISTRY shoes and boots on these pages, and I’ve started with an absolutely belting pair of heeled boots which you’ll want to wear all year round!

Cast your peepers over these beauties.  Aren’t they fantastic?! These my dear readers are the GLAMISTRY ‘Peony’ boots and I’m in love with them, they’re an absolutely stunning creation from the esteemed GLAMISTRY brand. The chunky, solid sole coupled with a skyscraping pin-thin heel  makes them an up to the minute fashion choice to couple with any outfit.  There’s a double buckle feature which works perfectly with the leather body; the whole creation  just oozes quality.I really do love these boots; I’ve had so much fun styling them and I’ve discovered they’re incredibly easy to wear with slinky dresses or leather pants, or the bespoke ‘Peony’ outfit available from GIZZA that perfectly matches. Zoom in on these boots and you’ll be very happy because they feature great surface detail and I especially love the attention to detail where the seams between the leather body and plastic elements join, where you’ll find authentic looking stitching  which really does make these boots so lifelike. There’s even a lined interior as well as a pattern on the base; with no element missed it’s little wonder that these boots look so realistic they’re practically 3D! 13000163_1104068456323788_26944982235255132_nAs you can tell, I’m pretty dazzled by these.  I love that I get to live vicariously through my Second Life, and after breaking my ankle so badly (in real life) last year I’m afraid that my days of wearing towering heels are well and truly over.  But not in the virtual world; I get to enjoy beautiful footwear creations like these ‘Peony’ boots and that makes me a very happy Kitty indeed; besides, with virtual boots you don’t get blisters the first few times you wear them or  cry when you scuff the heel on your new very expensive boots!PicMonkey CollageBut then that’s the other joy of virtual footwear isn’t it? You can pay an absolute fortune in real life for a quality pair of boots, but these cost a mere L$497 for a pack of six colours, which is just under L$83 a pair. It doesn’t get much better than that!

I think these are a pretty legendary pair of boots, but don’t take my word for it.  Go and check out these along with the matching outfit by clicking HERE, you won’t regret it! 

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