MBA: Everyday Is Like Sunday

MBA: Everyday Is Like Sunday

sunday_003Simple.  Straightforward.  Such words please me; I’m not the kind of girl that faffs and flutters around.  I want things to be as quick and easy as possible so that I can get back to the more important things in life, like drinking tea, stroking kittens and taking naps.

Fashion for me has to be easy, and there’s nothing as easy as a pull-on dress. In Second Life you can find zillions of examples of simple dresses BUT the strength lies in finding ones that work.  That means the mesh has to be well-fitting, the colour has to be just right and above all else,  it needs to look realistic, or else you’re walking around wearing the virtual equivalent of a pencil eraser. Big, bulky and not at all attractive (unless you’re kinky like that and everything goes in Second Life, right?)

I’ve been fortunate enough to find many winning examples of little black dresses and their coloured equivalents over the years, and I’m delighted to add another example to my list from INSANYA. This is a great little dress to be worn as is, or accessorised to hell and back.  Add tights, big chunky boots and a jacket, or keep it simple with flats and a cardi; in Second Life like real life you really cannot go wrong with something so straightforward.

There are 8 colours available at the event; of course, you can opt for the plain black but why not try something a bit more feisty on your avatar? I’ve opted for my favourite plum red so that I’ll be able to dress up with scarves, knitted tights and hats for the forthcoming Autumn season, what will you choose?

Oh, and by the way, check out this fantastic bob hairstyle that I’m wearing.  It’s by ENTWINED and it’s rather wonderful; I love the slightly windswept way that the hair frames the face, and that it’s tucked neatly behind one ear. It’s rather voluminous as well but not overly so which means you can wear it dressed up and down, just like this frock.  Simple, see?

(This hairstyle is available for THE BOOK OF DANIEL fundraiser which you can read about here – I implore you to go and check out the fantastic goodies on offer that are all on sale to raise funds for an incredibly good cause. I can’t emphasise how important it is that you visit and shop, and I know that you’re good at shopping or you wouldn’t be reading this blog so go forth and spend money! )


SKIN: AMARA BEAUTY ‘PRIYA’ CATWA applier /MAITREYA body applier in 02 Ivory

(Kitty wears this on Catwa ‘Dyana’ mesh head and Maitreya ‘Lara’ body) 

EYES: IKON ‘Triumph Eyes’ in  ‘Storm’

EARS: L’ETRE Gem pierced ears

HAIRBASE: L’ETRE‘Candy’ (Black)




POSE: ARTIS ‘Aerial – Stand Model 5’ POSE LOVER & FRIENDS 







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