Guess who’s back? Back again..

Guess who’s back? Back again..

So, it’s almost March and I’ve been off the blogging-boil for a few months, and for that,  I apologise profusely. It wasn’t my intention to leave the blog so suddenly, but events in real life conspired against me. The TL;DR version is I lost my job but fortunately gained a new one. The more in-depth version is that I’ve actually gone back to the job I previously had a few years ago, and I’m back to working twelve-hour shifts which don’t leave much room for Second Life. On top of that,  I’m busily revising for some pretty crucial exams too.  I’ve just passed one, but now I have the far more scary ones to do.
Obviously, this means that I can’t sit at my desk and physically blog as much as I normally do; it’s one of the trademarks of Kittywitchin’ that I’ve always written as much as featured pictorial content. I’ve always felt when it came to reviews that I needed to write as much as I possibly could; it’s always been my opinion that you can’t understand or appreciate a critique of an item in just a few lines unless those lines are ‘Don’t buy this, it’s shite’. I’m sad that I can’t dedicate as much time to my writing as I’d like, but hey, I’ve got a way to bridge the gap.
That’s right dear reader, I’m a Vlogger now as well! HUZZAH!!!
Actually, I’m the worst kind of Vlogger. My videos are the equivalent of my blog posts; that is, I talk lots, and lots, and LOTS! I guess that shows some sort of enthusiasm for my subject, right? What I’m trying to say is that if you’re expecting a level of professionalism of the kind that Draxtor and Strawberry regularly demonstrate then, unlucky! It’s always been about fun, and that’s how I try to conduct my videos; with humour and truth.  Think of us as having a cup of tea, a sit-down and a chat because that’s exactly what you’re going to get.
My intention going forward then is to use Vlogging to accommodate the times that I can’t actually sit down and write reviews, but I will still do those from time to time.

So, here’s the to the next chapter for Kittywitchin’, jump on my broomstick and join me for the ride! Ready for some video reviews? Here we go…

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