The sorry saga of the Seul ‘Patched Bomber’

The sorry saga of the Seul ‘Patched Bomber’


The Seul Patched Bomber is available at the latest round of Uber. Looks great,  doesn’t it? I’ve never had an issue with the brand before, and loved the look of the jacket so, because of the lag, I opted not to demo and threw my Lindens in the vendor’s direction before getting the hell out of dodge!

OH, MORE FOOL ME! Alas, this jacket has issues that a session on a Psychiatrist’s couch would struggle to fix, and I’m not the only one to complain about this; dropping L$300 on a jacket is not to be sniffed at and I’m pretty disappointed because this had the potential to be an awesome item.

Unfortunately, it is a bit of an epic fail.  Watch the video to find out why. (Incidentally, if you wonder if boobie size would make a difference, it doesn’t. I played with the sliders and small norks don’t lessen the faults)


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